Wrought Iron Tree Birdhouse with Birds

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This wrought iron tree birdhouse will make a statement in your perennial garden. The stalk is made of solid steel and is heavy, but one person can normally carry it. The stalk is easy to handle because of its size. The six branches are all the same size and can be placed inside the square tubing on the top of the stalk. The birdhouse can be left off or placed on the top of the tree. It has a furrow on the bottom that slips into the top of the tree. We recommend placing the birdhouse on first, and you can even lay the stalk down to place the birdhouse on top if you wish. Then, place each limb into the stalk with the stalk standing up. Do not move the tree once it's put together. This tree is great for displaying a lot of different products. Dimensions: 92"H x 56"W x 56"D