24in Strap & Wire Chandlier with Chain

Large Cinderella Candle Chandelier Strap & Wire with Chain

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It's not your traditional candle lighting. That is the beauty of our home and garden products. This large Cinderella Candle Chandelier has 4" pans to hold your pillar candles or the new battery candles that are popular today.

You can use this welded metal candle chandelier outdoors on your deck, patio, or any space needing romantic light. We do offer these hooks to help you hang it.

Our rustic designs are all good sellers, and we created the Cinderella Chandelier with winding circles for the eclectic decorator. For an outdoor event, consider wrapping string lighting around the outside ball and hanging several from trees. What a LOOK this will make!

It measures 24.5" in diameter x 26." high to the top of the ring.